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Strange Sea Creature

No idea what exactly this is, a sponge or some kind of coral, perhaps you might know... This was taken at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut. If you are interested in what's in our oceans and lakes check out my new blog Fish Index!

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Discórdia said...

This, my friend, is an anemone. It's a close relative to seacorals(as you suspected) and, a little less, to jellyfish. I, personally, love anemones, they're really beautiful and pretty important for marine ecossistems.
I took a few pictures from anemones at the Denver Aquarium, those were absolutely amazing, with green, white, blue, red animals! The pictures are not as well taken as yours, but they'll do the trick.
Keep on loving nature!

1Green Thumb said...

Thank you Discordia for identifying this for me : )

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